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I just realized I'm really sick of video games. Like, looking around my room and seeing all the goddam games in here makes me physically ill. I need a new hobby.

Apr. 12th, 2009

So we had Easter .. dinner today, at two in the afternoon. The main course was ham, and to quote Sam Jackson, "I don't dig on swine." So fast forward to 9pm. I'm hungry, and I'm jonesing for a burger. But I don't wanna say "Hey food was suck, so I'm going to Wendy's", so I just told the folks I was going out for a bit.

I come back about half an hour later, and mom asks me if I was out getting drugs.

What the fuck.

Mar. 21st, 2009

Don't let the Weather Channel tell you otherwise; it was actually quite cold in Georgia today.

Happy Birthday Tim, and have many more.
So at my store they've had a big display of fireworks and such in the middle of the front sales floor for the holidays. Now right next to this massive mound of potential chemical energy is a fire extinguisher. Like, propped up against a box of Roman candles.

Now, this is just me, but if the pile of explosives began to smoke and smoulder, my first extinct is NOT going to be run TO it to get the fire extinguisher. Just saying.
Yes, Obama won. But he won't un-wreck my car :P

So instead of the usual "America has hope now" post, have this drivel instead:

[01:28] Raxarks: So i had this idea, not about anything org related
[01:28] Raxarks: and [NAME WITHHELD] chastised me about it, and said I was sick in the head
[01:28] Raxarks: so I wanted your opinion
[01:29] Nightshades Slave: *snort* I'm... not the person who should be judging these things...
[01:29] Raxarks: sure you are
[01:29] Raxarks: So anyway
[01:29] Raxarks: we were watching something about court tv I think
[01:29] Raxarks: and this guy got sentenced to jail
[01:29] Raxarks: and I said "well he's going to have to stuff broken glass up his rear now"
[01:30] Raxarks: And she was all like " ... WHY."
[01:30] Raxarks: And I was like "to prevent rape"
[01:31] Raxarks: So we got in this big discussion about how she thought that idea was bat shit insane and I was trying to tweak it to make it work and eventually i conceded that it didnt prevent anal rape but as more of a male dentata device for revenge
[01:32] Raxarks: So I finally decided a modified anal bum dentata design: a toilet paper tube full of glass with paper towel covering either end
[01:32] Raxarks: Watcha think?
[01:33] Nightshades Slave: ...Anus dentata? ......Bet that hasn't appeared in a horror movie yet.

I think it would... definitely be vengeful. And unpleasant.
[01:34] Raxarks: So if you had the means and know how, would you fund my research and patenting?
[01:35] Nightshades Slave: Well, I don't know... I'm trying to get funding for my sexy android project... And the two of those don't really... "gel".

...But yeah, I'd help if i could. Maybe if you just threaten people with your initial prototype...
[01:39] Raxarks: very true
[01:39] Raxarks: "You dont like the anal dentata? Do you hate America too?"
[01:40] Nightshades Slave: I WANT TO SEE THE INFOMERCIAL.
[01:40] Raxarks: WITH BILLY MAYS
[01:40] Raxarks: OR THE SHAMWOW GUY
[01:41] Raxarks: OF COURSE HE IS
[01:42] Raxarks: SO YOU KNOW IT'S GOOD
[01:44] Nightshades Slave: I think only the Germans would make something like that.
[01:45] Raxarks: or maybe the guy who invented clam shell packaging
[01:47] Nightshades Slave: ...I hate that bastard.
[01:48] Raxarks: we all do

Sep. 29th, 2008

So I was up at 6:30 this morning driving around, attempting to find a gas station that actully had been blessed by a supply of fuel. I found one after about 40 minutes of wandering with a predictable half hour line. As I was pulling into the station and looking at the $4.20 price tag the radio started playing "Rape Me".

I suppose it should be comforting to know that the universe has just as much of a sick sense of humor as I do.

Sep. 23rd, 2008

Oh no,
Oh no,
Oh no,

Oh no you didn't
Sucka tried to play me, but you never payed me, never
Oh no you didn't
Payback is a coming, you will be running, forever
Oh no you didn't
Until I get my vengeance, I will never end this mayhem
Oh no you didn't
I'm a mercenary, you ain't got a prayer, you owe me
Oh no you didn't

Oh no you didn't
Didn't you, Oh no
You didn't pay me what you owe me
So now it's over for you

Oh no you didn't
First you tried to trap me, then you bust a cap in my ass
Oh no you didn't
Such humiliation will bring annihilation, at last
Oh no you didn't
It will be delicious, when I get vicious, tomorrow
Oh no you didn't
There's no second chances, you will do the dance of sorrow
Oh no you didn't

Oh no you didn't
Didn't you, Oh no
You didn't pay me what you owe me
So now it's over for you

Oh no you didn't
Better watch your back boy, keep running
This ain't just a game, I'll never stop coming
I got my arsenal
I put out the call
And when I finish ya'll
You'll be a ragdoll

Fool tried to diss me, now you're gonna wish you were dead
Oh no you didn't
After I deliver, your blood will be a river of red
Oh no you didn't
Better beware, when no one's there to defend you
Oh no you didn't
So many ways to kill, it's gonna be a thrill to end you
Oh no you didn't

Oh no you didn't
Didn't you, Oh no
You didn't pay me what you owe me
So now it's over for you

Oh no,
Oh no,
Oh no
[01:43] Raxarks: http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/2465/1221456944696iw2.jpg hahaha, oh wow.
[01:44] animekittysama: Even I have the urge to scream "NERD!"
[01:44] Raxarks: :D
[01:46] animekittysama: You know what makes it sadder? The wolf calendar in the corner
[01:46] Raxarks: oh yes
[01:46] Raxarks: it accentuates the fail nicely
[01:47] Raxarks: along with the "taped on wall" poster
[01:47] Raxarks: always good idea with drywall
[01:48] animekittysama: This man's greatest achievement will be soloing Onyxia.
[01:49] Raxarks: I feel bad that I got that joke
[01:50] animekittysama: I feel bad for making it